Most of you may have a very good speaking ability and think you have the chance to get that 7 or above band score that you require. But you actually have to know the following few things before you can get this score.


Understand the structure of the exam

The first thing we need to know is the structure of the exam and we can do this by finding out how the test is scored. If you don’t know how it is scored, you could have a near-native ability in English but not actually answer the questions correctly. The examiner then cannot possibly give you those high marks, and this is why it is extremely important to understand and follow the structure of the exam.

Speak naturally

We need to speak naturally in the speaking exam so make sure you do not put on an accent that is not your own. I’ve heard many examples of students trying to copy someone else’s accent in their exam and it does not help or relax the student at all. In the speaking exam, you need to be relaxed, or else you will miss out because you are not telling the examiner about yourself, and you are not demonstrating your speaking skills to the examiner.

Fluency is also the key here. You should really concentrate on the fluency of your own accent and the way you naturally speak English.


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Please remember that fluency is 25% of the IELTS speaking examination and you can only develop fluency by practising frequently with IELTS speaking partners, teachers and native teachers.

Focus on all areas equally

Following on from what has been said earlier about fluency being 25% of the IELTS exam, vocabulary will be another 25%, your grammar range and accuracy will be another 25% (read our articles about grammar and accuracy) and finally your pronunciation will be 25% (check out our article about pronunciation here), therefore it is so important that you focus on all four areas equally.


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