Animol(4B’s in OET)

“I passed my OET in the second attempt after joining Swoosh. Thank you so much Alex Melia, Stephen Emerson, Russel Field and Fiona for your valuable support. I was very poor in writing but only with the proper guidance of Stephen Emerson and Russel Field, I got it ?. Thank you”

OET passing nurse from India living in Kuwait
Shereena (4B’s in OET)

“I PASSED MY OET! Thank you Stephen Emmerson- your one to one class help me enormously to pass my writing exam, you are such an amazing teacher. Alex Melia- I can’t thank you enough for your endless support during my OET journey. Russell Field- Thank you for your letter correction”

OET passing nurse from India
Ysabel (4B’s in OET)

Thank you teacher Alex Melia, Stephen Emmerson and Russell Field! I passed my OET exam first time!!!!!

OET passing nurse from the Philippines
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