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Taking Hong Kong children to English native fluency

The ‘Swoosh Your English’ Way!

With our proven experience in helping hundreds of primary school students in Hong Kong to improve their English, pass their exams and enhance their lives,

we know what your children/students need!


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I want to ask you this:

Do your children or students have limited chances or even no opportunities at all to have lessons and be taught by native English teachers (NET’s)? You don’t know how to help your children or students prepare for their Hong Kong EDB examinations? You realise having your children or students speak fluent English is important for their education and future life, but you just don’t know how to help them? Is there no time available to help them improve their English because they have so much homework, as well as not having time to travel to English classes? 

Well, we have spoken to hundreds of students, parents and teachers about what their challenges are in helping Hong Kong students and we have developed the perfect method to help them! We have many years’ experience helping to improve Hong Kong students’ English so we know what works and what doesn’t work!

Imagine your children/students being able to:

Understand EVERYTHING that their English teacher tells them
Communicate smoothly and fluently in both written and spoken English
Pronounce words just like a native!
Gain excellent marks in their English examinations
Interact with their native teachers confidently and correctly

Stop imagining and start clicking! 🙂

Click this link to sign up for this video course for your child consisting of an assessment and 52 full video lessons for only $125 (over 26 hours of learning!)

Now we are not saying it will be an easy process. This is not a quick fix solution. Improving English takes time and that is why this is a 12 month course. But let’s join hands together to combat this challenge!

You maybe asking yourself, what actually is the Swoosh Your English course?
What are the features and benefits of it?

Well, are you ready? Ok, here goes….


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52 video lessons. One video lesson per week that progresses in difficulty

PowerPoint slides that you can print out or use allowing you to test their learning

Video lessons include watching, learning and participating in the English activities with your native UK teacher

Assessments to decide what their learning level is

Post video exercises to complete to demonstrate your child’s understanding of the videos

Fun and engaging content that children can watch again and again!

How do I know that it will work for my children/students?
Don’t take our word for it, see what current parents and students think about ‘Swoosh Your English’….

Can I try the Swoosh Your English Course first to see if it will help my children/students?


Sure, click this link here to sign up for a free video course consisting of an assessment and 3 full video lessons (over 1.5 hours of learning completely free!)



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Sign up for your video course and

let’s Swoosh your child’s English together!


Refund Guarantee

For our pre-recorded courses and IELTS packages, if you show us that you have done all the video lessons and exercises within 60 days and you feel you haven’t improved your English skills, we will be happy to refund you within 30 days.