OET Starter Course

Self-study materials on all 4 areas of the OET exam to help you pass FIRST TIME

✔ Video courses in reading, writing, listening and speaking + mini quizzes
✔Model Answer Writing Video Course
✔Practice mock exams
✔Exam readiness test
✔Previously corrected letters
✔60+ hours of live lesson recording


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How will the Swoosh English OET Starter Course help you pass?


Proven Curriculum, Proven Instructors

Swoosh English is an OET premium preparation provider and our courses are designed by our UK OET teachers with a strong focus on exam practice.

Mock Exams + Post Exam Analysis Videos

Mock exams on all 4 areas: Reading, listening, writing & speaking + post analysis videos.

Never miss a class even if you are busy

With our online learning platform, you can  watch all the video lessons and take practice mock exams in your own time.

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Student success stories

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Ready to pass OET first time?

Here at Swoosh English, we are deeply passionate about doctors and nurses just like you passing the OET exam and achieving their dreams of living and working in the UK.


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