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Our Partner School in India for face to face classes:
✔CELTA and CBLA(OET) certified medical professional tutoring for candidates
✔They have helped hundreds of students to achieve a grade A or B. The classes are taught in Hindi, Malayalam and English.

How will the Swoosh English OET Starter Course + face to face classes help you pass?


Proven Curriculum, Proven Instructors

Swoosh English is an OET premium preparation provider and our courses are designed by our UK OET teachers with a strong focus on exam practice.

Mock Exams + Post Exam Analysis Videos

Mock exams on all 4 areas: Reading, listening, writing & speaking + post analysis videos.

Never miss a class even if you are busy

With our online learning platform, you can  watch all the video lessons and take practice mock exams in your own time.

Face-to-face classes

Orientation to OET, new assessment criteria, listening and reading strategies, tips and exercises, 5 writing corrections with detailed feedback, 1 speaking role play with feedback plus essential grammar covered

How do the face-to-face classes work?

Step 1

Purchase your OET starter course and start learning with our online materials.


Step 2

Receive your purchase information via email which includes your free bonus 1 week of classes and materials in India.

Step 3

Contact our Indian partner and schedule your free bonus classes and material and classes.

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Student success stories

“I passed my OET in the second attempt after joining Swoosh. Thank you so much Alex Melia, Stephen Emerson, Russel Field and Fiona for your valuable support. I was very poor in writing but only with the proper guidance of Stephen Emerson and Russel Field, I got it ?. Thank you”

Animol (4B's in OET) OET passing nurse from India living in Kuwait
Animol (4B's in OET)

“I PASSED MY OET! Thank you Stephen Emmerson- your one to one class help me enormously to pass my writing exam, you are such an amazing teacher. Alex Melia- I can’t thank you enough for your endless support during my OET journey. Russell Field- Thank you for your letter correction”

Shereena (4B's in OET) OET passing nurse from India
Shereena (4B's in OET)

“I can’t thank Stephen enough for patiently evaluating all our letters. I will never regret taking this and will highly recommend to all my friends who are preparing as well.”

Shilpa (2A's2B's in OET) OET passing nurse from India
Shilpa (2A's2B's in OET)

Ready to pass OET first time?

Here at Swoosh English, we are deeply passionate about doctors and nurses just like you passing the OET exam and achieving their dreams of living and working in the UK.


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