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Join the many passing medical professionals who have trusted Swoosh English to prepare for OET

Animol(4B’s in OET)

"I passed my OET in the second attempt after joining Swoosh. Thank you so much Alex Melia, Stephen Emerson, Russel Field and Fiona for your valuable support. I was very poor in writing but only with the proper guidance of Stephen Emerson and Russel Field, I got it 😃. Thank you"

Animol (4B's in OET)
OET passing nurse from India living in Kuwait
Ysabel (4B’s in OET)

"Thank you teacher Alex Melia, Stephen Emmerson and Russell Field! I passed my OET exam first time!!!!!"

Ysabel (4B's in OET)
OET passing nurse from the Philippines
Shereena (4B’s in OET)

"Swoosh helped me a lot throughout my OET journey. Since I joined their programme, Swoosh helped me to know more about how to approach a writing task and listening task. The intense training provided by Swoosh helped me to pass my exam. All in all, I passed my exam because of Swoosh English only. Swoosh got amazing teachers like Stephen, Fiona and Russel."

Shereena (4B's in OET)
OET passing nurse
Michael (4B’s in OET)

"Thankfully, I got these grades which corresponds to 4Bs from my first attempt”

Michael (4B’s in OET)
OET passing doctor from Egypt
Buen (1A3B’s in OET)

"Your teaching and strategies here at Swoosh are very effective. And you can see the result... It's an A!"

Buen (1A3B's in OET)
OET passing nurse from the Philippines

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