Everything about OET

Everything you need to know about the OET exam

General OET Tips

What is the OET exam?
Nurses, should you take the OET exam or the IELTS exam?
What score do nurses need to pass the OET exam?
Is the OET exam more expensive than the IELTS exam?
Can I just go ahead and do the OET exam and I don’t need any practice?
In London – Primrose Hill…
Introducing The Swoosh English OET Self-Study Video Course
Why should you join our BRAND NEW self-study OET video course programme?
“I don’t need to prepare for OET because I am a doctor/nurse” True or false?
OET Exam Changes in September 2018: Will the exam be more difficult?
Are you consistent with your OET preparation?
UK hospitals need all of you!!! Don’t lose focus of your OET goals.
Is spelling important in ALL areas of the OET exam?
Why are Swoosh English in India helping nurses and doctors with OET? (I)
Why are Swoosh English in India helping nurses and doctors with OET? (II)
Why are Swoosh English in India helping nurses and doctors with OET? (III)
Should you do a last minute ‘crash course before your OET exam?
Indian nurses and doctors are so…… HARDWORKING!
Should you still take the OET exam if you know you have not prepared well enough to pass?
Why are some doctors and nurses passing OET and others are not?
This is what is waiting for you if you pass your OET exam…
Does studying for OET feel hard (just like this)? Why are you REALLY studying for OET?

OET Reading Tips

OET Reading Part A Tips for Success
What do you have to do in OET Reading Part B to be successful?
OET Reading Part A Speed Reading
Do you always have to copy the words from the text in OET Reading Part A?
Does having only 15 minutes for OET Reading Part A make you feel stressed?
Do you get extra time in OET Reading Part B to write down your answers?
Can I spend more than 15 minutes on OET reading part A?
Should you speed through OET reading part A and part B?
A simple yet powerful strategy to use in OET reading part A for number gaps
[OET Reading] Last minute strategy if you don’t have much time : Focus on part B.

OET Writing Tips

OET Writing : 180-200 words is just a guide…
4 vitally important questions to ask yourself in the OET writing task?
What is OET writing asking you to do for a grade B?
OET Writing: Grammar Mistake 1: Singular vs Plural
OET Writing: Grammar Mistake 2: Verb Tenses
OET Writing: Grammar Mistake 3: Prepositions
OET Writing: Grammar Mistake 4: Articles
An OET Writing Class in India – they explained their challenges with this part of the exam
Students are not reading the case notes properly in OET writing
Why is reading the question VERY CAREFULLY in OET writing SO important?
OET Writing: How many paragraphs should I write in my letter?

OET Listening Tips

Are there any TV programmes that can help you with OET listening and speaking?
OET Listening Part A: which abbreviations and symbols can you use?
Do you have time to check your answers in OET listening?
Should you just listen to Australian speakers to practice OET listening?

OET Speaking Tips

A simple, yet powerful way to practice your OET speaking
Are there any TV programmes that can help you with OET listening and speaking?
Why should you NOT memorise language, words and phrases in the OET speaking test?
Can you ask questions in the OET speaking examination?
Is the OET speaking warm up section assessed?
The Importance of asking for help in OET speaking and also when you are working in a UK hospital
Some phrases to show empathy and understanding to patients or their family members in OET speaking
Impress the examiner with your ‘active listening’ ability in OET speaking
OET Speaking: Does my medical Knowledge need to be accurate?
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