Practice The OET Test With Swoosh English OET Mock Exams

8 Sets of OET 2.0 Practice Mock Exams + Post Exam Analysis Videos

Test your level of English and preparedness to get A’s and B’s in your OET exam!

Swoosh English have put together 8 practice mock exams with the same level of difficulty as the real OET exams! This will truly test your level of English and preparedness to get A’s and B’s in your OET exam.

High quality OET practice mock exams

Now that you have prepared and practiced for the OET exam, you are ready to perform to the best of your ability in the real exam. The Swoosh English Online OET Mock Exam is as close to the actual OET exam in format, difficulty, and length as you will find.

The Mock Exams includes all 4 areas of OET: reading, writing, listening and speaking. They help you to develop your test-taking skills, identify your weak areas, and also demonstrate your mastery of the curriculum and the grading rubrics .

A preview sample reading Occupational English Mock Test 1 - Reading Sub test: Part A

“I am really happy with the mock exams. At first, I found some difficulties that are noted in my evaluation. But on my next exam, I have corrected most of my faults in my previous exam. Now I’m really happy!”


Swoosh OET VIP Student, Saudi Arabia

post mock exam video analysis

Post mock exam video analysis by our UK native OET teachers [For reading and listening]

After you take each exam, we will provide you with a set of post mock exam analysis videos taught by our UK OET teachers, where they will walk you through the exam you have just done. They will analyze the correct and incorrect answers and show you how to improve your performance in the next exam.

A preview sample question on OET Listening: Part A

What makes Swoosh OET practice mock exams great

State-of-the-art platform

Done on our easy-to-use platform online. Take the mock exams at a time convenient to you.


Timed exam

Our mock tests are timed just like the real exams to give you a genuine exam experience.

Speaking Role Play Cards

Speaking role play cards provided for you to practice with your study partner or teacher.


Automated Results

Results are automatically graded for listening and reading exams. You can get your results immediately.

Post Exam Analysis

Videos you can watch after your mock exam to assess your performance and learn how to improve next time.

How Will The Swoosh English Mock Exams Benefit You?


Simulate the actual OET exam in format, difficulty, and length.

Assess your current level of English and identify your weak areas

Learn how to analyse and improve your performance with the post mock exam videos.

What People Are Saying About Our OET Mock Exams

After going through the real experience, I can safely say that the mock exams provided by Swoosh are the real deal and very similar in concept and idea to the real exam.”


Swoosh OET VIP Nurse

“The Swoosh mock exam is very helpful. The listening mock exam helped me to find out my drawbacks in part A. The analysis videos are also very useful and helped me to identify how to improve on part A. Thanks!”


Swoosh OET VIP Doctor

“The Swoosh English mock exams really is at par with the OET official exam. The style and content are similar. Good thing the time was also increased.”


Swoosh OET VIP Nurse

“The Swoosh English mock exams are very beneficial. It helped me to identify where I’m at on my English level. Thank you so much!”


Swoosh OET VIP Nurse

Ready to take 8 OET practice mock exams and pass first time?

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If you show us that you have gone through and completed all the mock exams (at least twice) and watched all the post mock exam analysis videos, and you are not happy with them, we will provide you with a 100% refund within 60 days.

You must request a refund within 30 days of payment. This is the only situation in which a refund can be issued.

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