OET 2.0 7-day Challenge

An intensive 7-day course to give you a boost towards a grade A or B, starting on 27/10.

Is your OET exam in November / December?

Are you DETERMINED to pass first time?


“The live lessons with native speaking teachers were really awesome! Stephen guided me all the the way and corrected many of my mistakes!”
“This really helped me so far practice my writing and correct my mistakes before my final exam on Saturaday. And I’m glad that Alex came up with this idea of offering this challenge to us.”
“Being in an active community, it really encouraged me a lot to do more exam practice and know more about other people’s mistakes. Many thanks to Alex and teacher Stephen!”

We’ll show you how to prepare for OET effectively

Live classes

  • OET speaking mock exam classes


  • OET Writing corrections
  • Self-study video courses
  • Study partners
  • Live lesson recordings
  • Bank of model letters


  • 24/7 Facebook group support from our UK native OET teachers

Get to your OET grade A or B faster and more effectively with Swoosh English

Proven Curriculum, Proven Instructors

Our courses are designed by our UK OET teachers with a strong focus on exam practice. Live classes allow you to practice and receive feedback in real time.

Unlimited Practice and Corrections

Unlimited Practice and Corrections

Unlimited Practice and Corrections

Practice your OET writing and receive teacher feedback until you feel are confident to take your exam.

Never miss a class even if you are busy

We will provide you with all lesson recordings to watch in your own time.

*If you join one of the packages above and register with our agency partner, you can get a 50% discount.

Please complete the application form by clicking below to apply and also submit a copy of your past IELTS / OET results ASAP. Our agency partner will review all the applications and be in touch with the discount code shortly

By clicking the ‘SIGN UP’ button, you agree to our terms and our refund policy*.

*If you have fully completed all video courses, live classes and 10 OET letters and you feel that you haven’t improved, please let us know within 14 days of purchasing and we’ll be happy to refund you within 30 days.

Join the many passing medical professionals who have trusted Swoosh English to prepare for OET

"I got 3A's and 1B in my OET exam! Thanks Swoosh for all your tips and the course!"

Dr. Arsallan – Swoosh OET passing doctor from Pakistan

"I have to thank god for giving me 1A and 3B's in OET but I can't deny that you were the cornerstone in my preparation. Thanks so much and I will recommend you to everyone!"

Dr. Eslam – Swoosh OET passing doctor from Egypt

It’s time to pass your OET exam with Swoosh

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