OET Test Readiness Exam

OET Exam Readiness Test

Our OET Exam Readiness Test will allow you to assess your English level and understand whether you are likely to pass the OET exam.

How can the Swoosh English OET Exam Readiness Test help you?



Learn when you should take your OET exam.


Get a score on all 4 areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Save time, money and energy on having to take the exam many times!

Take the test anytime and get automated results available to you IMMEDIATELY after taking the exam.

Be tested under exam conditions with a timed exam.

Watch the analysis video course at the end of the exam done by our UK OET teachers

What makes the Swoosh English OET Exam Readiness Test great?


✔ Detailed exam to test you on reading, writing, listening and speaking.

✔ Recommendations on how long it will take to pass based on the score you get.

✔ How you should prepare for the exam moving forward.

✔ Plus analysis videos looking at what the correct answers were and the thought process involved in coming to those answers.

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