Swoosh OET Writing Correction Service

We ran a survey for hundreds of students recently and they told us that they struggled most with OET Writing. We asked them how our qualified UK native teachers could help them.

And they said that they wanted us to help by correcting their writing, giving them estimated grades and offer detailed feedback and suggestions on how to get to a grade B or above.

So we decided to offer you what you asked for.

Introducing to you the Swoosh English OET Writing Correction Service!

How will our writing corrections help you?

Many students constantly practice OET writing assessments but they don’t get their writing corrected or they don’t request corrections from a qualified native OET teacher.

How do you know if you are hitting the grade B target if no one corrects and provides feedback on your work?

Not having guidance from a native OET teacher causes students to waste time and money on repeating and repeating the exam – especially when writing is what many of you are mainly failing on.

Students use words like ‘frustrated’ and ‘annoyed’ when they don’t hit their target for writing. Let Swoosh make life easier and stress free for you!



Choose the writing correction package you want below.


You will be sent the instructions to email your essays to our OET teacher



You can start sending your OET essays to our teacher immediately



The teacher will finish your writing correction and you will receive it within 48 hours.

What is included?

  • Correction of grammar and vocabulary mistakes;
  • Feedback and suggestions on how to improve your ideas, vocabulary, writing skills, professional language and structure;
  • An examiner’s report on each of the four marking criteria and ways to improve your grade;
  • A reliable OET grade estimation for the OET medical and the OET nursing writing test;
  • When you purchase 10 or more writing corrections, you will also get lifetime access to our Comprehensive OET Writing Self-study Bundle for FREE.

Allow one of our native OET experts to guide you

Allow one of our native OET experts to guide you

Please make sure that you use all writing corrections that you purchase as we cannot refund any that you do not use. You will need all of these corrections in order to give yourself the very best opportunity to pass the writing exam!

If you are not satisfied with the writing corrections you receive, we will refund you 100% within the first 60 days. You must request a refund within 30 days of payment. This only applies if you purchase 10 writing corrections or more.