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  • You’ll learn from our ex-IELTS examiners insider tips, strategies, tactics and hacks that give you a head start in all your exams

  • We’ll walk you step-by-step from “zero IELTS experience” to mastering both the English skills and the IELTS game, the infamous English language exam that is stopping nurses and doctors like you from choosing their dream country to work in

  • Our ex-examiners and experienced teachers work with you closely and drag you across the finish line with 24/7 support and constant performance monitoring

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“I am a doctor/nurse and I need to pass the IELTS exam. I have heard the exam is difficult to pass.”

Yes, you are right that it can be considered to be a difficult exam to get a 7/7.5. It is even more difficult to pass if you are doing purely self-study. Why is this the case?

Two of the most difficult areas of the exam to get a 7 or above in is speaking and writing. If you don’t have anyone giving you corrections, feedback, suggestions for improvement and band score estimations, how do you know if you are making huge mistakes that are stopping you from reaching your target band score? You could be taking the exam again and again and still getting the same score. The worst part of it all that causes you so much frustration is that YOU DON’T KNOW WHY you keep getting this 6/6.5 band score.

Don’t worry, this is not your fault. Is this you?

You are not an IELTS expert. You are a trained medical professional.

If you understand this one line you will be successful because you will realise that you need to be trained by a professionally qualified teacher. You learned English in school by a teacher and not by yourself. You were trained to be a nurse/doctor not through self-study but by a trained medical professional. Treat IELTS in the same way.

Swoosh are the experts and we are here to hold your hand through the whole IELTS journey. We have helped hundreds of doctors and nurses to pass and we have the results to prove it. We are here to do the same for you.

Let Swoosh show you the way!

Swoosh speak to hundreds of doctors and nurses on a weekly basis. Most doctors and nurses believe that they can pass with a band score 7/7.5 and a 7 in all areas completely by themselves. Many of these doctors and nurses have taken the exam multiple times and have still not achieved their target band scores.

The exam is very expensive and if you have taken it even 3 to 4 times, that is close to $1000USD. Some students have spent even more than this and have spent hundreds of hours reading everything about IELTS on the internet in the process.

This becomes confusing and frustrating. If these nurses and doctors had found a native English speaking IELTS teacher/ex-examiner at the beginning that had proven experience in helping students to pass, they would have saved a lot of time, money and frustration. In essence, they would have achieved their dreams of living and working in the UK 2 or even 3 times as quickly. I’m guessing you would want to pass quicker and more effectively, yes? Investing in yourself and in your family’s future is always the best investment one can make. That is why Swoosh English students invest in our IELTS courses to help them fulfil their dreams of living and working in the UK.

“Why do I need a native ex-IELTS examiner? I prefer self-study. I can pass by myself”

An ex-IELTS examiner has vast experience in helping students to pass. They didn’t start off as examiners, they started as teachers first. They worked with students to identify their weaknesses and helped to correct them to make those necessary improvements. They analysed the students’ work and made suggestions on how they could improve them. After they gained success in teaching students, they became official IELTS examiners.

They have to examine thousands of students and give them scores. They are able to come to these scores surprisingly quickly. Many of the ex-examiners in our team marked over a thousand essays or speaking exams each year and so they know a band score 6/6.5/7+ answer when they see one. They understand the structure, the vocabulary, the grammar etc that you are using and can immediately match it with the correct IELTS band score criteria. Having an ex-examiner working with you allows you to know what score you are at in all 4 areas of reading, writing and speaking at every step of your journey. Therefore, when you are consistently achieving a band score 7+ in all areas, they will recommend you to book your exam with a high chance of achieving that band score 7/7.5 target.

It is a different feeling walking into the examination room knowing that you are at a band score 7 level. You have been trained by an ex-IELTS examiner which gives you the CONFIDENCE to achieve it in the real exam. Have you ever done the exam previously and been completely scared as to whether you would do well or not? This is understandable if you didn’t know what level you were at beforehand.

Let our ex-IELTS examiners support you at every step of the way.




Live Classes with ex-IELTS examiners plus recordings

Lessons are structured to take students through all 4 areas of IELTS (reading, writing, listening and speaking) but with more of an emphasis on productive skills: speaking and writing. These two areas always prove to be the most challenging for doctors and nurses.

We prepare 90 minute live IELTS writing classes every week taught by our UK IELTS team with question and answers plus detailed feedback offered. We will spend 45 minutes on writing and 45 minutes on either speaking, reading or listening in each lesson.


Unlimited Essay Corrections

Students are provided with exercises to complete as well as a lot of exam practice to further hone their IELTS skills in their own time. We also provide detailed task 1 and task 2 essay corrections with feedback and band score estimations.

IELTS Interactive Video Courses

The IELTS writing video course takes all doctors on a journey to reaching their desired band score with 30 bite-sized videos and post-video exercises. It is aimed at students looking to move from a band score of 6/6.5 to a band score 7.5+ and beyond! If you apply the theory and put it into practice in your own task 1 and task 2 essays, you will see significant improvements.

Facebook Private Chat Support

Students will be invited into the Swoosh VIP Facebook where they can get personalised additional support. Doctors will also get access to band score 7.5 and 8 student passers who successfully went through the Swoosh programmes previously. They will answer students’ questions, provide support and give feedback on students’ work. Teachers and ex-examiners will also provide support.

How are the Swoosh packages going to help me?

Swoosh English are helping hundreds of doctors and nurses like you to pass the IELTS exam in order to work overseas.

Pay less and get MORE

Swoosh English packages include high quality recurring IELTS classes with experienced native IELTS teachers and ex-IELTS examiners who can help you prepare for your IELTS exam in the best way possible. We enable you to realise your dreams of a higher salary in a native English speaking country.

State-of-the-art video learning platform for live lessons

All the live classes will be hosted on one of the leading video-based learning platforms in the world, Zoom. It is a secure and easy platform for students to take live classes across mobile, desktop and tablet, which makes online classes effective, stress-free and most of all, enjoyable.

Free From Travelling

When having your lessons at home, you’ll never have to travel to a learning centre again. Everything in this package is online and is available anytime anywhere with a stable internet connection. Lesson recordings will also be available so that you can review your lessons whenever you like.

Are our packages really that awesome?

Yes! Our packages can do all of the above for you. We know what it takes to help doctors and nurses like you pass the IELTS exam. Furthermore, we have hundreds of passers to prove it. We have a network of highly experienced UK native IELTS teachers, ex-IELTS examiners and recruitment agencies in the medical field who will guide you every step of the way.
Watch this video and let an ex-IELTS examiner show you how they correct essays. Swoosh Cal, an ex-IELTS examiner, is very straight forward in what he is looking for from students in IELTS writing task 2!
I think your program for IELTS is well developed and organized. It encourages learners to proofread and become self-sufficient in learning.

The ex-examiners, on the other hand, guide students and provide valuable feedback so that their writing could be enhanced more.

I cannot achieve this without your help and the help of others in the group. Patrick Manlangit

IELTS passing Nurse, the Philippines

Patrick passed the IELTS in January 2018 with a band score 7.5 overall.
Dr Tejaswini passed the IELTS in December 2017 with a band score 7.5 overall.
“Thank you Swoosh English. 1st and 2nd attempt I did self study. But before giving 3rd attempt I thought I should get some guidance and help to improve my band score because I dint wanted to waste my money on exam again and it’s too frustrating.

I came across Swoosh, online classes and especially essay correction by ex-ielts examiner was very helpful. I got to know where I stand and also boosted my confidence when I got good band. Thank you swoosh team and my regards to my mentor Swoosh Fiona for clear guidance and support.” Dr Tejaswini Shivaprasad

IELTS passing Doctor, India

Although I only took two classes but it seems that its a wonderful and and an excellent course to join. Speaking and discussing directly to a native gives a lovely experience. I hope that my overall score for IELTS be up to the mark for getting GMC registration. Dr. Surrayya Kamal

Doctor, Saudi Arabia

I like how the course was structured because it properly divided the different topics of how to write a good essay. With the course structure, Katherine was able to discuss the important aspects of getting at least a band score of 7 in your academic writing. She highlighted the different aspects you should or should not include in making your essays like the use of informal language and contractions just to name a few. The course was easy to follow. It wasn’t too technical compared to other courses review centers offer which often times leave a reviewer confused.

Chiara Cansino

Nurse, the Philippines

The Swoosh classes online is helping me reaching the band 7 I need in IELTS. I took the IELTS twice already and I am having diffuculty in writing and speaking. Swoosh English has nice and affordable offers which is good for nurses like me in the Philippines.


Nurse, the Philippines

One of our nurses got a 7.5 in IELTS!! Congratulations to Ralph Angelo Simson!!

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Our highly experienced UK native IELTS teachers and ex-IELTS examiners create and deliver tailor-made lessons as low as $32 per one-to-one class which focus on your strengths, weaknesses and specific needs.



We provide a complete IELTS mock examination to help nurses test themselves and also allowing them to find out what their current IELTS band score is.


52 video lessons. One video lesson per week that progresses in difficulty. 80% off the normal price now!


If you have any questions or concerns about the course please contact us.

For group class packages and lesson recording packages

If you show us that you have gone through the whole course (including attending all live classes and completing all video courses), and submitted at least 10 essays into the VIP group and you feel you haven’t improved, we will be happy to provide you with a 100% refund within 60 days. You must request a refund within 30 days of payment. This is the only situation in which a refund can be issued.

For OET/IELTS pre-recorded video courses

If you show us that you have gone through the whole course by completing the video lessons and exercises 100%, and you feel you haven’t improved, we will be happy to provide you with a 100% refund within 60 days. You must request a refund within 30 days of payment. This is the only situation in which a refund can be issued.