FAQ: IELTS Review Scholarship Program Review

How long will the IELTS review last for?

9 months. We are here to support you all the way to passing! The average time it takes nurses to pass is usually 3 months so 9 months is more than enough time. We won’t abandon you ?

What are the days and times of the live classes?

The class times and days will be announced on Wednesday 17th April 2019. Don’t worry, we will make sure that times and days are suitable for you depending on which country you live in. There will be 5 live classes per week and 2 live classes for speaking as we know you need more support for it to get a band score 7! Don’t worry if you cannot come to all of them as the live lesson recordings will be available for you.

Where do I send my resume?

You can send your resume/CV to Connetics here: [email protected]

Can I join the scholarship next month or later?

No, the deadline is Friday 19th April (this week). If you don’t sign up, we will give your place to someone else as we have a lot of people on a waiting list.

Can I pay now and start later?

Yes, you can!

Am I guaranteed to pass?

We cannot guarantee that anyone will pass. It depends on how hardworking you are by completing all of the materials and courses etc. However, here at Swoosh English, we have extremely high pass rates! Our system is proven and it works very effectively so you are in great hands with us ?

How can I join the classes in the middle east when Skype and Zoom are banned?

You can sign up to a VPN which will allow you to use Zoom. Zoom is the software we use for our live classes. The VPN we recommend is www.hotspotshield.com

****When you sign up to the IELTS Accelerator package, write ‘Scholarship program – Lefora Facebook group’ in the box underneath ‘How did you hear about Swoosh English?’. You will see this on the purchase page.****

I look forward to having you in the IELTS review program. Let’s help you achieve your American dream! ?

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