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IELTS Writing Online Classes Designed For Your Needs

Our highly experienced UK native IELTS teachers and ex-IELTS examiners create and deliver tailor-made lessons which focus on your strengths, weaknesses and specific needs.

Why do nurses need IELTS writing classes?

From working with thousands of nurses, we have found that there are specific challenges they face when it comes to the IELTS writing exam. Nurses are consistently achieving good scores in speaking, reading, and listening but unfortunately, they are not achieving the band score 7 NMC requirement  in IELTS writing. We have discovered that nurses need to be coached step-by-step on how to formulate band score 7 IELTS writing task 1 and 2 answers. Our IELTS teachers carefully analyse nurses' essays and we give them detailed feedback in order to take their writing from a 6/6.5 to a 7. If a highly experienced native IELTS teacher doesn’t correct your essay, how do you know if you are achieving the band 7 score requirement? Swoosh English are here to help nurses just like you!

But why can’t I get a band score 7 in writing studying by myself?

It may be possible on some occasions where some nurses can get a band score 7 in writing by themselves, but, we have found that the majority of nurses who practise by themselves end up doing the exam again, again and again. This results in a significant loss of time and money paying the IELTS official organisation for their next exam repeatedly. Swoosh English are here to help you pass the exam in the most effective way possible, whilst saving you time and money in the long run. So, let's help nurses achieve their dreams of working in UK hospitals and nursing homes!

How can our teachers help you?

Our team, consisting of highly experienced UK native IELTS teachers, train nurses both one-to-one and in small group classes in real time. Our IELTS teachers follow a curriculum designed specifically to take nurses from a band score 6/6.5 to 7+. All classes are recorded using our video conference software which allows them to review their lessons in their self-study time.

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  • Lessons are structured to take students through all 4 areas of IELTS (reading, writing, listening and speaking) but with more of an emphasis on productive skill areas: speaking and writing, which always prove to be more challenging for nurses than reading and listening.

  • Students are provided with homework after every class, which is marked by the teacher.

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  • Students are provided with a plethora of practice exams to prepare themselves in their own time.