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IELTS Speaking Mock Examination Sessions With Ex-IELTS UK Examiners

Key questions to ask yourself in advance of your IELTS speaking exam

  • Do you make a lot of errors with your vocabulary?

  • Do you use less common words to impress the examiner?

  • Do you make grammatical errors when you speak?

  • Do you pronounce words correctly?

  • Do you emphasize your key points effectively using stress and intonation?

  • Can you speak at length in response to questions the examiner asks you?

  • Can you link ideas together using a range of words and expressions?

  • Can you use appropriate words for the context?

  • Can you speak with confidence and without hesitation?


  • I took a mock exam with Swoosh English. The examiner was really nice and gave me a detailed report of my exam. It was very useful for making me realise my limitations. He also gave me some advice about how I can overcome my mistakes. Overall I found the test very helpful.
    Farhana - IELTS Student, London, UK

Swoosh English has received many requests recently from students wanting to have IELTS Speaking mock exams with an online IELTS examiner. 

With many students currently having exams scheduled, the need for mock exams to practice and gain confidence beforehand is vitally important.

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We are providing 15 minute mock examination sessions along with audio and written feedback from ex UK IELTS examiners provided at the end of the mock exam sent by email. This allows students to receive fantastic practice and get an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and where they need to improve in order to get a level 6, 7 or 8! 
Fluency and coherence, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation are the main components assessed in the exam and your IELTS mock examiner will provide feedback on all of these.



If you are not satisfied with the lessons with your teacher, we will help you to change to a different teacher. If you let us know within your first 3 lessons, we will happily refund you 100% within 30 days. Rest assured, we have extremely low refund requests from our students so we will do everything humanly possible to make sure you are satisfied. For our pre-recorded courses and IELTS packages, if you show us that you have done all the video lessons and exercises and you feel you haven’t improved your IELTS skills, we will be happy to refund you within 30 days.


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