Substitution and Avoiding Repetition

Substitution and Avoiding Repetation image banner

In speaking and in writing, we try to avoid repeating words, phrases or clauses. We use substitute forms to do this. Knowledge of these forms will improve the quality of your essays as they help to avoid unnecessary repetition. This will help to make your writing style more similar to an educated native speaker’s and … Read more Substitution and Avoiding Repetition

Determiners In English Are Important In Your IELTS Writing Band Score

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Determiners in English have two main functions, referring and quantifying ( determiners in English which do the latter are also called’ quantifiers’). They include words like ‘the’, this’, ‘some’, ‘each’, and ‘many’. At first sight these seem to be basic words, as even beginner leaners are likely to know these words. However, this group of … Read more Determiners In English Are Important In Your IELTS Writing Band Score

Expressing Opinions

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The IELTS task 2 assignment requires you to give and support expressing opinions, and also to express your feelings. To suitably impress the examiners you need to display a range of vocabulary for these two functions, and not rely on basic ‘ patterns like’ I think…’, ‘I feel…’, ‘I like/dislike…’ etc.   Expressing opinions Here … Read more Expressing Opinions

Using past verb forms ( simple and progressive)

Using Past Verb Forms ( Simple and Progressive ) Image banner

The IELTS Band 7 descriptor states the need for candidates to show both a wide variety of structures but also accuracy in the use of these structures. A basic understanding of how to use past tense verb forms is assumed in this article but I think it is worthwhile to point out the following:   … Read more Using past verb forms ( simple and progressive)

Adverbial Clauses of Time

Adversial Clauses of Time Image banner

Adverbial clauses of time cause problems for advanced students in various areas. For example, it is not always straightforward deciding whether to use present or future verb forms. The duration of the event is also a factor in deciding which verb form to use.   More specifically, it can be difficult to distinguish between ‘before’ … Read more Adverbial Clauses of Time

It Clauses: Using Them Effectively In IELTS Writing TASK 1 and 2

IT' Clauses and the Importance of using them in both IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2 Image banner

So-called ‘’it’ clauses are used to focus the reader’s attention on information or views that the writer wishes to emphasize. An ability to use such clauses in IELTS writing tasks 1 and 2 will provide evidence that you can use syntax to effectively organize your content to make your argument more appealing and impressive to … Read more It Clauses: Using Them Effectively In IELTS Writing TASK 1 and 2

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