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3 Practical Tips on how to Improve your Grammar in OET WRITING

3 Practical Tips on how to Improve your Grammar in OET WRITING In this article, I will share with you fantastic grammar tips on how to improve your OET letter writing. You can use this for your referral letters, transfer letters or discharge letters - whatever kind of...

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OET Exam Week Preparation: Speaking Practice is Crucial!

Practicing is key to your OET Speaking success. Knowing and and understanding every aspect of the OET speaking exam can spell the difference between a grade A or E. Listen to Alex talk about secrets to passing your OET speaking exam on the first take and why practicing is so crucial.

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Think like an actor/actress to get a grade B

Whether you are preparing for the OET exam or you have it booked already in the coming few weeks, I want to challenge you with the idea of thinking like an actor / actress during your role-play. I want you to not just think like a doctor /...

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Why should you read aloud to improve your OET speaking?

  I want to tell you about one of my students, a nurse from a non-English speaking country in Eastern Europe. The big difficulties she had was that she couldn’t practice her English on a day-to-day basis. Can you relate to this? If you’re...

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  Whatever IELTS guide you refer to, you will notice there are certain common thematic areas, such as travel, education, environment, and personality. This article will focus on appearance and personality, pointing out expressions that it is considered useful to know...

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Do you agree IELTS writing can be difficult to get a band score 7+? Let’s make things easier for you by showing you one of our students’ answers as well as the corrections and feedback! Can you improve this answer? What did the student do incorrectly?   Some people...

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