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About Swoosh English

Swoosh English is a premier English online learning provider, that helps aspiring students & professionals prepare and pass their OET, PTE Academic or IELTS exam with the score that they need to work, study and live in any English speaking country.

Swoosh English was founded by Alex Melia in 2013 as an online tutoring service and later on expanded the business by creating an online learning platform in order to reach and help more students around the globe.

Initially, Swoosh focused primarily on training doctors and nurses to pass the IELTS and OET exam so that they are qualified to work in UK hospitals and nursing homes. Nowadays we also teach PTE Academic too and we are focused on also helping people to work and live in an English speaking country such as the UK, Australia and the USA.

Over the course of 6 years, Swoosh and its team of highly experienced native OET, IELTS and PTE Academic teachers have trained thousands of students pass the exams. In April 2019 Swoosh was officially endorsed by OET as a premium preparation providers certifying that the learning materials provided are high quality, trusted and credible.

Today, Swoosh offers state of the art learning programmes that have a proven and effective system in preparing and passing the OET, PTE and IELTS exams.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help thousands more students and professionals achieve their dream of studying and working abroad for the betterment of their future by passing either OET, PTE or IELTS FIRST TIME!

We love seeing our students improve themselves with determination, passion and focus and by building their confidence through the help of their highly experienced native teachers and the learning resources we provide.

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JOIN our OET Intensive Course with 3 EXTRA BONUSES today! LEARN MORE
JOIN our OET Intensive Course with 3 EXTRA BONUSES today! LEARN MORE