Swoosh English

Swoosh English now focus primarily on training doctors and nurses from all around the world to pass the IELTS exam so that they are qualified to work in UK hospitals and nursing homes. We have trained over 200 nurses to pass the IELTS exam and we take great pride in helping these nurses pass so that they can come to the UK for a better life and also to fulfil the huge nurse shortages in the UK’s healthcare system.


Swoosh English started in 2013 after we saw the huge demand from Hong Kong English learners, who wanted to learn English in a fun, engaging and more innovative way.

Swoosh started as an online tutoring service and we are now helping English learners all over the world in other ways through our interactive video lesson platform young learners, in addition to our IELTS exam products and services for English exam test takers.

We love seeing our students improve themselves with determination, passion and focus and by building their confidence through the help of their UK native teachers and the learning resources we provide.

We’ve grown a lot since we started Swoosh English in 2013…

Alex started Swoosh English working on a laptop in the university canteen and through providing high value and satisfaction, we have grown through our happy students referring us to their friends, family and classmates.

We have teams based in both Hong Kong and the UK and our UK teachers work from home in all parts of the world. We’re really proud of how we have helped students and we’ve always worked hard to nurture our company values and culture. We encourage everyone to experiment with online learning (see if it works for you), take risks, and push the boundaries of what is possible. Your potential is limitless.

High Quality Teaching

We aim to provide the highest quality English training possible for students through combining our high quality UK English teaching team with our advanced learning technology. We only hire highly qualified UK teachers who consistently help students generate results. It is that simple.

Personalised Service

We provide a completely personalised service to every single student no matter what their goals or motivations are. We will make sure that you can learn comfortably at your own pace no matter how busy your schedule is.

We listen to you first,

We understand your goals, expectations and needs,

We assess your current level of English through delivering a learning plan tailored to you.

Making Learning Engaging, Impactful & Enjoyable

We like to see all of our students enjoying their learning, feeling challenged and seeing improvement through the lessons we provide. It is so important to us to improve every students’ confidence and motivation in English through fun and engaging teaching methods. Forget the boring styles of teaching you may have experienced at school or university. Swoosh English is different and we can prove it to you.

Swoosh English Gives Back

Doing well as a company is important, but doing good means a lot to us, too.

We provide free and subsidised teaching to 1000’s of underprivileged young students in Hong Kong. Our teachers also help over 4000 IELTS exam students from war torn and developing countries to improve their English that will positively impact upon their future lives.

Global Company

Swoosh English has gone global helping students from over 50 different countries. We care about the needs and improvement of all our international learners. Your success is our success. eLearning has the power to touch and positively impact students just like you worldwide. We now work closely with partners worldwide to ensure our aims can become a reality.

The opportunity to shape how English learning works is in all our hands.

Over the next decade, the way language learning works will change at a fundamental level. Students will have many choice of how they want to learn and languages: in-person or online, recorded or live. It’s an incredibly exciting time for learning, and Swoosh is going to be right at the heart of it – giving you what you want!