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I’ve been with Swoosh English for almost two months and what I like about Swoosh English is that first we have a 24-hour support group. They will give you feedback and advice for you to be more confident in taking the IELTS examination. Second, we have a very flexible time when it comes to our online classes, that will really fit in with your busy schedule. I have access to the recorded video if I cannot attend the live class. Third, we have feedback from experienced IELTS examiners and native English speakers. They will definitely hone your skills. So definitely guys, my experience with Swoosh English is extremely great. This is a really good investment and I can confidently say right now that I am more ready in taking the IELTS examination soon. So guys thank you, see you and good luck! Chito

IELTS nurse, the Philippines

“Thank you Swoosh English. 1st and 2nd attempt I did self-study. But before having a 3rd attempt I thought I should get some guidance and help to improve my score because I didn’t wanted to waste my money on exam again and it’s too frustrating.” Tejaswini Shivaprasad

Swoosh English passing doctor, India

“The writing evaluation that I received from Swoosh English teacher was really helpful. It helped me understand what my actual level of writing was. Through the corrections and feedbacks, I realized where my weak points are. I also received lots of useful grammar advice which I can focus on my study so that I can avoid doing the same mistakes again. They also encourage their students to write more so they can improve and get a band score 7.” Jensel

Current IELTS student, the Philippines

“I think your programmes are well developed and organized. Teachers guide students and provide valuable feedback so that their learning can be enhanced. I couldn’t have achieved this without your help and the help of others in the Swoosh student community.” Patrick Manlangit

Swoosh English passing medical professional, the Philippines

“My teacher pointed all my mistakes I made in my essays. This helped me a lot because when I read it back again I remembered all the mistakes so I wouldn’t make any again. And having a native teacher helped me a lot, especially in the listening part. Students need to listen more to how native speakers speak because they usually have an accent and sometimes it’s quite hard to understand…” Zofia

IELTS band 8 nurse, Poland