Our mission is to help doctors and nurses pass the OET / IELTS exam and work overseas.


How do we help you?


Swoosh English is the only school to provide an exam readiness test for bot OET & IELTS to ensure that you are ready to pass.


Swoosh English provides a large bank of exam practice materials and analysis videos that are available online for you to use at anytime.



All Swoosh English teachers and ex-examiners are UK natives and have helped thousands of OET and IELTS students to pass their exams. They are available to help you too.


All Swoosh English students have unlimited mock exam attempts. This will ensure you are effectively prepared for your exam.



Swoosh English provides all feedback after all reading, writing, speaking and listening mock exams. That feedback will help to improve your performance during your exams.


Swoosh English will ensure you keep on track, stay motivated and pass your exams quickly.

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Passing Students

Hospitals & care homes partners in the UK, US & Australia

Mock exams marked

IELTS essays & OET letters corrected

Swoosh Student Success Stories

Rose Ann (7 in IELTS)
"I encourage everyone to go through the comprehensive video lessons for writing task 1&2 from Swoosh English. These are must see videos before yo... Read More
Rose Ann (7 in IELTS)
IELTS passer from the Philippines
Dr. Eslam (1A3B’s in OET)
"I have to thank god for giving me 1A and 3B's in OET but I can't deny that you were the cornerstone in my preparation. Thanks so much and I will reco... Read More
Dr. Eslam (1A3B's in OET)
OET passing doctor from Egypt
Shilpa (2A’s2B’s in OET)
"I can't thank Stephen enough for patiently evaluating all our letters. I will never regret taking this and will highly recommend to all my friends wh... Read More
Shilpa (2A's2B's in OET)
OET passing nurse from India
Buen (1A3B’s in OET)
"Your teaching and strategies here at Swoosh are very effective. And you can see the result... It's an A!"... Read More
Buen (1A3B's in OET)
OET passing nurse from the Philippines
Dr. Jenela (1A3B’s in OET)
"I wanted to say thank you for support from you and from all Swoosh team, it was extremely helpful."... Read More
Dr. Jenela (1A3B's in OET)
OET passing doctor from Latvia
Ysabel (4B’s in OET)
"Thank you teacher Alex Melia, Stephen Emmerson and Russell Field! I passed my OET exam first time!!!!!"... Read More
Ysabel (4B's in OET)
OET passing nurse from the Philippines
Dr. Arsallan (3A’s1B in OET)
"I got 3A's and 1B, and I was surprised also... and Swoosh was the only place I can get feedback on my writing and speaking."... Read More
Dr. Arsallan (3A's1B in OET)
OET passing doctor from Pakistan
Michael (4B’s in OET)
"Thankfully, I got these grades which corresponds to 4Bs from my first attempt” ... Read More
Michael (4B’s in OET)
OET passing doctor from Egypt
Dr. Abdullah (4B’s in OET)
"It's all because of Swoosh, no doubt. I found the teachers very helpful in my writing and speaking."... Read More
Dr. Abdullah (4B's in OET)
OET passing doctor from Pakistan
Zofia (7.5 in IELTS)
"You need to understand native speakers and having one from Swoosh as my teacher is extremely helpful."... Read More
Zofia (7.5 in IELTS)
IELTS passing nurse from Poland
Ugonwa (7 in IELTS)
"I heard about Swoosh from a friend and they said to try them out. I would say that was the right decision. At the end of the class, my teacher was ab... Read More
Ugonwa (7 in IELTS)
IELTS passing doctor from Nigeria
Shereena (4B’s in OET)
"Swoosh helped me a lot throughout my OET journey. Since I joined their programme, Swoosh helped me to know more about how to approach a writing task... Read More
Shereena (4B's in OET)
OET passing nurse
Adrian (8 in IELTS)
"My teacher gave me good advice on which structure would be the best for different types of essay. She told me a few secrets as well and when I submit... Read More
Adrian (8 in IELTS)
IELTS passing nurse from Romania
Dr. Tejaswini (7.5 in IELTS)
“Thank you Swoosh English. I did self-study in my 1st and 2nd attempt. But before taking my 3rd attempt, I thought I should get some guidance and he... Read More
Dr. Tejaswini (7.5 in IELTS)
IELTS passing doctor from India

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