Our mission is to help doctors and nurses pass the OET / IELTS exam and work overseas.



How do we help you?

We help doctors and nurses to pass the OET and IELTS exam with the score they require to work overseas.

We help secure your dream job in the UK and fill the huge shortages in the UK healthcare system.

Our highly experienced teachers and ex-examiners train you every step of the way. We provide high quality live classes, video courses, essay corrections, mock exams and 24/7 VIP support.

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A selection of our OET video lessons

"I got 3A's and 1B in my OET exam! Thanks Swoosh for all your tips and the course!"

Dr. Arsallan – Swoosh OET passing doctor from Pakistan

"I have to thank god for giving me 1A and 3B's in OET but I can't deny that you were the cornerstone in my preparation. Thanks so much and I will recommend you to everyone!"

Dr. Eslam – Swoosh OET passing doctor from Egypt

"I wanted to say thank you for support from you and from all Swoosh team, it was extremely helpful."

Dr. Jenela, Swoosh OET passing doctor from Latvia

"I really think Swoosh is a fantastic platform because it enabled me to talk to native speakers from the comforts of my own home. My teacher is not only a real English native speaker but she is also very experienced, professional and knowledgeable."

Angela – Swoosh IELTS passer from China

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