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 Swoosh students have a history of success.

In June 2018, 65% of students taking our OET Challenge courses passed first time!

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Who are we, and why do we help medical professionals pass the OET and IELTS exam?

We train doctors and nurses to pass the OET and IELTS exam with the score they require to work overseas.

We are passionate about this because we want you to secure your dream job in the UK and help fill the huge shortages in the UK healthcare system at the same time.

How do we help you?

Our highly experienced teachers and ex-examiners train you every step of the way on your journey. We do this through our live classes, video courses, essay corrections, mock exams and 24/7 VIP support.

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One of our doctors passed first time after signing up for our course!


He got 3A’s!!!!!!

So proud of you Dr. Arsallan. 

Excellent achievement Dr. Abdullah!

HUGE congratulations! Inspirational to all the other doctors and nurses!

Great results from Dr. Omer!

Amazing results, Jelena!

Another student has passed… especially after all the frustrations she’s experienced previously. HUGE congratulations! Inspirational to all the other doctors and nurses!

Dr. Ahmed passed with 4 B’s!!

Chi Chi, nurse from Hong Kong. Congratulations!

What I like about Swoosh English is that we have a very flexible time when it comes to our online classes, that will really fit in with your busy schedule. I have access to the recorded videos if I cannot attend the live classes. We have feedback from experienced ex-IELTS examiners. They will definitely hone your skills. So definitely guys, my experience with Swoosh is extremely great. This is a really good investment and I can confidently say right now that I am more ready in taking the IELTS examination soon. So guys thank you, see you and good luck! Chito

IELTS nurse, the Philippines

“With the Swoosh program, I discovered a lot of my weaknesses in different areas, e.g. writing, speaking, listening and reading. I am deeply thankful to my native speaking teachers who guide us and put us on the track of success. They encourage us and are always patient with us; they answer our questions and correct our mistakes. Thank you to the Swoosh team!” Wafaie Fahmi Badawi

Swoosh OET doctor, Egypt

“If anybody says to make any comment regarding the SWOOSH OET preparation course, I will say it is unbelievably helpful for doctors. Only, I would like to share my experience . Despite having financial difficulties, I enrolled in this course. Now I am contented, because when I see that not only experienced UK teachers, but also students provide feedback on my writing. They provide a platform so that I can practice the four modules effectively. I really like the live classes because I can ask about anything that is difficult for me. I firmly believe that SWOOSH OET is the best platform for doctors till now.” Tarikul Hasan

Swoosh OET doctor, Bangladesh

“On my 1st and 2nd attempt I only did self-study. But before having the 3rd attempt, I thought I should get some guidance and help to improve my score because I didn’t wanted to waste my money on exam again and it’s too frustrating. I passed on my 3rd attempt. Thank you Swoosh English.” Tejaswini Shivaprasad

Swoosh English IELTS passer, doctor, India

“I think your programmes are well developed and organized. Teachers guide students and provide valuable feedback so that their learning can be enhanced. I couldn’t have achieved this without your help and the help of others in the Swoosh student community.” Patrick Manlangit

Swoosh English passer, nurse, the Philippines

“My teacher pointed out all my mistakes that I made in my essays. This helped me a lot because when I read it back again I remembered all the mistakes so I wouldn’t make them again. Having a native teacher helped me a lot, especially in the listening part.” Zofia

IELTS band 8 passer, nurse, Poland

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